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"Heroes – Armageddon" Part 3 : “Something gone wrong” trailer

They saved the cheerleader.. But did they really save the world?

Some thought that when Sylar and peter came face to face,

Peter began to explode…

Hiro killed Sylar….

Nathan took Peter flying to the sky causing him to blow up into the sky…

And that the world was saved…

But this is not what actually happened….

There was an accident.. Which caused Peter to create a new timeline, which was prophesied by his mother as the most gruesome timeline.. Now,

Peter traveled into the past and the future, where…. Something changed…

Peter tried to defeat Sylar.. But when Hiro came to the scene.. he was possessed by someone who wanted Sylar to escape… made Hiro teleport Sylar somewhere else.. but why??

scene 1..

sound of heartbeats...

A dark room... Sylar sees his vision clearing from a blurred view.. Sylar is slowly revovering.. He sees Hiro.

Sylar.... "Where am I? who are you?"...

Hiro.... "Sylar...hmmm.. Iv learnt a lot about u.. What a special ability.... "

Sylar... "You're not Hiro.. Who are you? And what have you done to him?"

Hiro... "I am the most special person there is...."


The Haitian is shocked to see Peter.. He immediately closes his eyes in order to block Peter from absorbing his ability..

Scene 3…

Haitian.. “The bomb was supposed to go off…”

HRG.. “I don’t know who you’re working for… But what do you plan to do after blowing up the city? To me, you people are worse than Sylar..

Find out in tonight's episode…


"Heroes – Armageddon" Part 3 : “Something gone wrong”


Hayden Panettiere ... Claire Bennet

Masi Oka ... Hiro Nakamura

Sendhil Ramamurthy... Mohinder Suresh

Jack Coleman ... Mr. Bennet ...

Adrian Pasdar ... Nathan Petrelli

Milo Ventimiglia... Peter Petrelli

Ali Larter ... Niki Sanders

Noah Gray-Cabey ... Micah Sanders

Greg Grunberg ... Matt Parkman

Zachary Quinto ... Sylar [Gabriel Gray]

Michael [special appearance]… Mark Wahlberg

Zachary Quinto James Gray


INT. ST. PAUL CATHEDRAL, NY [night of the prophesized explosion]

Meanwhile, at a church not far away, in a chamber, a man wakes up from his sleep.. he’s sweating, afraid and slowly everything around him shakes….

He’s thinking…..This can’t be happening again.. I had learnt how to control it..

He starts shaking and everything around him flies around uncontrollably..

He walks out of his chamber and enters a secret door at the back of the church leading into a room in the basement that he had built years ago..

He closes the outer door and walks in, struggling desperately.. He starts saying prayers..

everything in this room shakes highly uncontrollably and all things go up and touch the ceiling.

He calls the Haitian…

“Help me. please. It has gone beyond my control. You’re the only one who can help me!”

His body keeps on shaking and he turns invisible. He begins absorbing nearby things into himself till everything is gone and keeps on trembling, trying to control it.. He slowly gains control over his power, becomes visible and falls unconscious…


The Haitian walks in... goes towards the church chambers…

The door of a chamber reads “Reverend Gray”.. He sees that Gray is not inside..

He goes to the back of the church, opens up a latch showing up a secret door in the basement..

He pushes open the door to see that everything lies broken, a man lying down on the floor at the center.. He sees some pieces of furniture floating in the air around him, some pieces touching the ceiling... A phone line lies in the open with no handset attached to it….. The Haitian lifts his hand out.. concentrates.. the pieces fall to the ground.. He’s surprised that he has to put more concentration to block this man’s power, even though he’s knocked unconscious..

He tries to wake him up..

After a moment, the man gains consciousness.. He is James Gray…The Haitian is shocked to see him as he looks much older..

James.. “It has gone beyond my control.. Please.. You have to stay with me from now on.. Because you’re the only on who can stop me.. “

The Haitian.. “Don’t worry father gray, I’ll stay with you from now on.. But first, I have to talk to someone.. I’ll be back soon..”

James.. “No problem.. But please try to be back by tomorrow”

The Haitian.. “Alright”

The Haitian leaves..

The Haitian calls on Claire’s phone.. asking for HRG

She hands over the phone to HRG.. HRG tells him to come over to a hospital..


The Haitian enters the hospital, and as he walks over to the reception, he sees Mohinder nikki, micah and molly.

He asks at the reception about Bennet, goes to his room.

Molly watches him go…


Claire stands beside her father, who’s in bed, recovering.. The Haitian enters..

Haitian…”How are you? What happened?”

HRG.. ”What is more important is that the tragedy has been prevented. The bomb didn’t go off..

Haitian.. ”I’ve come here to tell you that I was told by someone I really believe in that this shouldn’t have happened.”

HRG.. “What?”

The Haitian asks Claire to leave the room, so that both hrg and him can talk in private.

Haitian.. “The bomb was supposed to go off…”

HRG.. “I don’t know who you’re working for… But what do you plan to do after blowing up the city? To me, you people are worse than Sylar….

Haitian.. “It is too complicated for me to tell you. But I’ll only tell you that the world you’re about to see, will be something so ugly, it’ll bring more destruction than a nuclear bomb can bring.. and it wont stop.. The people I work for had tried to avert that.. But now, It’ll be very hard for all of us..”

The Haitian feels that someone is behind him.. Its Peter..

The Haitian is shocked to see him.. He immediately closes his eyes in order to block Peter from absorbing his ability.. Too late…

Haitian.. “I have to go”…

He leaves..

Peter knows exactly what the Haitian was talking about and who had told him all this.. But he keeps silent, not to disturb HRG..

HRG.. “As soon as im ok, I’ll investigate on who he’s working with, because these people have to be stopped soon..

Peter.. “but now you need to rest..”

HRG nods and Peter goes out and talks to Claire..


A doctor comes out to talk to nikki and mohinder.

He tells her that DL’s state is critical in the intensive care and that Parkman has also survived. Nikki is apprehensive about her husband, who had sacrificed his life for her.. She holds Micah closely.


[background music of the exorcist]

sound of heartbeats...

Sylar sees his vision clearing from a blurred view.. Sylar is slowly recovering.. He sees Hiro. The room has some medical equipment.

Sylar.... "Where am I? who are you?"...

Hiro looks serious.. his voice being the same, but a very serious tone.. But this time he speaks fluent English.

Hiro.... "Sylar...hmmm..

They make good watches.. I used to have one of them…..”

Sylar... "You're not Hiro.. Who are you? And what have you done to him?"

Hiro... "I am the most special person there is...."


The Haitian returns to the church. James is relieved to see him.

James looks quite old, in his 50’s with white hair and shriveled skin. He has like a very old Gabriel.

James.. “You have helped me from turning into a monster many times. I owe you my life. And I am very grateful that you’ve agreed to stay with me.

Haitian.. “You have helped me too, during my dark times…”

James.. “I am growing more and more older and weaker.. It will be soon that I’ll die, due to this curse. So I wish to meet my mother one last time… Its been a long time I didn’t go out …

of the fear that what would I do.. “

Haitian.. “Alright.. I’ll take you to her.”


[background music of the exorcist]

Sylar finds himself in restrains.. He cannot get up.. And he cannot use his powers due to some drug injections..

Sylar.. “why did u save me?”

Hiro.. “Because of your ability.. I don’t know how you use your god-gifted ability to capture other abilities.. Either way, I’m going to find out, whether you want to tell me… or not”.

Sylar is confused.. but he knows that the man possessing Hiro wants to possess his body..

Hiro.. “Yes, I’m going to possess your soul… I’ll bereave you of your body …once you’re in a good condition, I will… So I’ll wait until your wounds are healed.”

Sylar feels like killing him with whatever he can lay his hands on, but his body is completely incapable.

Hiro… “Don’t be so hard on yourself..”

Sylar.. “Who are you? And what do you want?

Hiro.. “I am Michael.. You have a very special gift, so do I.. difference is, yours is no match against me.. I can take over other people’s bodies.. their “souls” to be appropriate… And when I do, I gain all of that person’s life-long memories.. I am aware of every moment of that person’s life.. Also, when I got into this host, I’ve even learnt Japanese now.. And I’ve also learnt how to use his powers, in seconds after I took over his body.. It took me so many years to develop and control this potential.. but there’s still one thing that I cannot control…. When I leave a host’s body, sometimes the person dies...“

Sylar feels helpless and continues struggling..

Hiro.. “Soon there’ll be one day when there’s a thin line between me and god… When I saw your potential, I figured that you’ll be my LAST HOST…..”

The camera zooms into Hiro’s [Michael’s] eyes into a scene showing one of the pivotal moments of his life………

[black and white video]

CLAUDE IS WALKING ACROSS THE HALLS OF PRIMATECH PAPER COMPANY WITH A CHILD HOLDING HIS HAND.. Other people are walking past them, not noticing them at all.. Claude smiles at the child and the child smiles back….


In the Next chapter....

The story of Michael.. More truths about his ability.. Peter, for the first time, gets more involved with his powers, realizing his abilities.. Peter meets an old friend...

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"Peerless Pulchritude"

Peerless Pulchritude by ~latent-talent on deviantART

My Max Payne1 level

i had designed a level in the best game of all, Max Payne.... during my 2nd year of college.. it was rendered on my poor P3 machine so its not that good in terms of texture.. Iv re-rendered it and will post the link as soon as i upload it again.. Available for download here is the previous version.. Its on the verge of hitting 2000 downloads..
Unfortunately I couldn't render more levels on my machine.. so the mod is quite small.. but iv tried to make it a challenge to complete it at hard level..

Here's the loading screen for it..

The version available now is a low-quality version.. but have fun anyways!

Link :

Extreme Screenshots.....




My 1st bike design.. made using graphite pencils and then moded on paintshop..

SteyrAug... by ~rahulphilips on deviantART

"The fall of spiderman"

The fall of spiderman.... by ~latent-talent on deviantART


Splash.... by ~latent-talent on deviantART


Made using the sketch called "Broken" made originally by Brian Duey..

broken bulb by ~rahulphilips on deviantART


Allure....... by ~latent-talent on deviantART

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Peter Petrelli Sketch....

Graphite Sketch of Milo as "peter petrelli"... took 3 days
its a work in progress, actually..

Peter Petrelli by ~latent-talent on deviantART