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Arnold Schwarzenegger last WIP

One of my favorite actors!!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger WIP by ~latent-talent on deviantART

Information [Behind the scenes] - for Heroes-Armageddon - "BATTLE POTENTIAL"

Information [Behind the scenes] - for Heroes-Armageddon - "BATTLE POTENTIAL"

I've compiled a list of abilities and powers of the main characters of my story, Heroes:armageddon at the end of the episode "Resurrection". This will probably answer some of your questions or perhaps make future episodes more exciting. This document will be modified after the next chapter. Ive deliberately removed some factors from this one due to spoiler potential

1. Peter [+ future Peter]

Emphatic Mimicry [Basic]
Self propelled flight (NATHAN)
Precognition through pictorial representation, independent of timeline (ISAAC)
Precognition and Retrocognition : Cognition of events through visions, independent of timeline and space (ANGELA)
Dream manipulation-type2 (CHARLES)
Persuasion (EDEN)
Chronokinesis and teleportation (HIRO)
Spontaneous Regeneration (CLAIRE)
Telekinesis (SYLAR)
Intuitive Aptitude (SYLAR)
Cryokinesis (SYLAR)
Enhanced Memory (SYLAR)
Molecular manipulation (SYLAR)
Enhanced Hearing (SYLAR)
Telepathy (MATT)
Invisibility (CLAUDE)
Radiation (TED)
Enhanced Strength (NIKI)
Phasing (D.L.)
Technopathy (MICAH)
Tracking (MOLLY)
Pyrokinesis (FUTURE PETER)**
Enhanced Speed (FUTURE PETER)**
Atmokinesis- The mental manipulation of the atmosphere and weather including inexpert Thermokinesis, Electrokinesis and Aerokinesis(FUTURE PETER)**
Power attenuation (THE HAITIAN)
Memory erasure (THE HAITIAN)

In-battle Weaknesses:
1.Most new powers tend to exhibit themselves erratically in the form of uncontrolled attacks [present peter only]
2.Very low control over absorption of unstable [radiation] or "hard to use" [chronokinesis] abilities
3.Low power-absorption radius

2. Sylar [Gabriel gray]

1.Intuitive Aptitude : Cognition of operation mechanisms through intuition,also leading to better control of absorbed powers[Basic]
2 Power theft : by "implicit" and intuitive study of brain activities
5.Enhanced Memory
6.Molecular manipulation
7.Enhanced Hearing

Strengths :
1.Personality change : Unnatural and all natural weaknesses eclipsed by his power[s], displayed when he undergoes a personality change while using any of his powers. This personality change makes him more vicious and enables..
2.outstanding control over abilities and
3.using multiple abilities at once.

In-battle Weaknesses:
All eclipsed/attenuated except the fact that capture of other abilites takes much time.

3. Michael [with powers explained in a splitted manner]

1.Soul-reaving : Astral projection and Alien body projection : Includes body possessing, putting the host into a sort of coma or impending death in the most usual case[Basic]
2.Instant Brain-storage Capture : Including Capture of Memory, Language and experience [Basic/Developed over the years/during testing]
3.Instant DNA capture and alteration/emphatic mimicry : Capturing abilities temporarily from DNA of victim instantly after body capture.
4.Control over pain [Developed during testing conditions]
4.Fear induction (minor) [Source unrevealed]
4.Psychometry : Ability to relate details about the past and/or future condition of an object, person or location, usually by being in close contact with it [Developed during testing conditions]
5.Intuitive Aptitude
6.Enhanced memory [SYLAR]
7.Telekinesis [SYLAR]
8.Cryokinesis [SYLAR]
9.Molecular manipulation [SYLAR]
10.Enhanced Hearing [SYLAR]

Other strengths:
Domination of power magnitude over other characters
Instant host-killing potential
Other unexplained phenomena

In-battle Weaknesses:
Distance limitation of control : Controlling body should be in vicinity to the controlled body
...[MORE Unrevealed due to spoiler potential]

4.Michelle Brown
Amplification and Attenuation of focussed ability [Basic]

In-battle weaknesses:
Control over abilities of only one or at the most two persons[in special case]
...[MORE Unrevealed due to spoiler potential]

5. James Gray [powers shown splitted]
Manipulation of dark matter [basic] : Involves conversion into a dark-matter existence [body can transit between dark matter and normal matter], enabling some unexplained phenomena unknown to science today****, like:

1.Invisibility [derived]
2.Powerful Force-field : Invisible and very powerful, capable of Instant disintegration [derived]
3.Geokinesis [Attenuation and Amplification of gravity, also leading to Reversal of Gravitational pulls]
4.An ability to pull objects [telekinesis] into himself [absorption] and make them non-existent
5.Evasion of electromagnetic energy : Invulnerable to even nuclear blasts.

Other strengths :
6. Outstanding invulnerability : Once he lets go of controlling his powers, everything will be destroyed within an uncontrollable blast-radius, leaving him unscathed.

Weaknesses :
Anger stimulates power.
When the body transits from normal matter to dark matter, his life shortens,involving an increase in age of body parts, leading to lesser control over attenuating his powers.

Kaito Nakamura:
...[Unrevealed due to spoiler potential]

AGGREGATE POTENTIAL IN BATTLE : [considering magnitude of powers and control over them,considering their potential to destroy only]

Peter : 45points
Future Peter : 60 points
Sylar : 60 points
Michael : 65points
Michelle Brown : 14points
James Gray : 120+points
Kaito Nakamura : unrevealed

Plz give me your comments and questions in the comments section. I wont be able to display some of these powers in the continuing story due to some episode limitation.

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"Heroes – Armageddon" Part 5 : "Resurrection"


Hayden Panettiere ... Claire Bennet

Masi Oka ... Hiro Nakamura

Sendhil Ramamurthy... Mohinder Suresh

Jack Coleman ... Mr. Bennet ...

Adrian Pasdar ... Nathan Petrelli

Milo Ventimiglia... Peter Petrelli

Ali Larter ... Niki Sanders

Noah Gray-Cabey ... Micah Sanders

Greg Grunberg ... Matt Parkman

Zachary Quinto ... Sylar [Gabriel Gray]

Michael [special appearance]… Mark Wahlberg

Zachary Quinto James Gray





Peter sees fresh paint on Isaac's palette and suddenly feels like painting. He begins painting two men standing, facing each other..
After a while, he's finished and sees that he has painted himself standing against himself.. Peter is stunned and confused.. He says.. "This can't be..."

He hears a sound "I am afraid it is"..

Peter turns around.. He drops his palette.. Outside, dark clouds appear, there is a loud thunder and suddenly it starts raining...

Future Peter smiles at the present Peter, while the present Peter is confused and speechless. Future Peter dosent have a scar on his face.

Peter.. "How is this happening?"

Future Peter.. "I am from the future.. I've teleported here after Hiro died. I was not able to stop Michael.. That's why I came here to the past.."

Peter.. "Stop who?"

Future Peter.. "Michael. I dont know where he's from, but he will soon possess Sylar's body and will have Sylar's powers.. You have to stop him... "

Peter.. "You mean, this Michael can really possess someone else's body? Like a ghost?"

Future Peter.. "Yes, like a ghost"

Peter.. "How do I stop him..?"

Future Peter.. "You know Claude, dont you? He is our link to Michael.. He's connected somehow.. You must find Claude... And there is some bad news... As soon as Michael possesses Sylar, he will come after you... I had barely escaped his attack and so you must be ready for him and be prepared to kill him when he tries to attack you.."

Peter.. "And how do I stop him?"

Future Peter.. "You must learn to use your powers.. You've learnt to absorb powers from others but you dont know how to use them all. I will help you in learning them.. You must be ready for him.. And you must be cautious.. he has a powerful ally.."


James and the Haitian arrive at the house Sylar visited his mother.
The Haitian has to break the door lock to access the house..
In the living room is a picture of Sylar, his mother, father and of a very young James.
James is Sylar's younger brother, but seems more than 25 yrs older than Sylar.. something that his ability had done to him.

James.. "I miss Gabriel so much.."

James sees blood trails all over the floor in the kitchen.. And is shocked to see a painting in blood of NY city blowing up.
The Haitian follows the blood trails till he reaches a closet. He opens the closet and James' mother's body drops down.

James cries and falls on his knees on the ground. He screams..

James... "No!!!!"....

Everything in the kitchen starts shaking wildly... Everything flies around James.. The Haitian tries to stop it.. But is unable to do anything but curb it to a certain level..

The power grows exponentially.. The Haitian concentrates.... Everything is up in the air including the Haitian... Haitian's muscles are highly strained and look as if about to burst any minute.. The viens near his eyes begin to bulge out.. Everything shakes violently in the air... and all of a sudden... James feels something excruciating...

James.... "Oh. no"

Everything around him disintegrates into thin air, including the Haitian.. The house falls apart and James manages his way out.. He sees that everything is destroyed. He walks away in pain.


Sylar's heart starts beating faster.. He wakes up.. He finds that he is still restrained to his bed but feels his powers coming back... The effect of the drug has reduced.. Sylar wakes up and breaks open his chains using his telekinesis. He is very angry and is just about to kill Michael.

Hiro[Michael] enters the room to find Sylar standing right in front of him..

Sylar uses his telekinesis to push Hiro/michael straight to the wall and starts ripping his head...

Hiro dosent scream at all.. Michael seems to be insensitive to any pain. In fact, Michael tries to concentrate on Sylar so that he can occupy his body...

Suddenly, Hiro[michael] falls to the ground.. Sylar feels his power weakening to zero.. There's a girl behind Sylar.. She says.. "Calm down." She's pointing her hand towards Sylar..
Michelle is Michael's high school girlfriend and has a unique ability..

Hiro... "Thanks Michelle"

Michelle... "No problem"

Hiro.. "Now's the time.."

Michelle... "Yes"

Michelle immediately points her hands towards Hiro/Michael and within a split second Michael occupies Sylar's body, leaving Hiro collapsing to the ground.

Sylar feels everything going to pitch black.. He's in a state of coma.. He cant even feel his hands and legs.. Michael has taken over his body completely..
Suddenly, Michael feels disturbed.. Sylar's mind gives him lots of memories, most of which are disturbing.. Michael sees the face of every person Sylar has killed.. Michael feels his memory capacity increasing.. He can now remember everything clearly.. including his own memories and memories of the people he had possessed earlier..

Michelle.. "Are you alright?"

Michael/sylar .... "Never better.."

Michael rises in the air using telekinesis.. He feels like god..

Michael/sylar.. "Nothing can stop me now!"


Future Peter and Peter walk up to the terrace of the apartment.

Future Peter.. "So, you're ready?"

Peter.. "Sure..."

Peter is just about to witness Future Peter's prowess.

Future Peter [denoting as Peter#] picks up Peter and flies up, propelling both of them high up in the air... Peter is a bit scared by Peter#'s speed, which is much more developed than Nathan's.. Peter# leaves Peter in the air higher from the ground, and Peter falls..

Peter concentrates and starts floating mid-air.

Peter# ... "Catch me.."

Peter propels harder towards Peter#, but is unable to catch his speed..

Peter is now unable to find Peter#.. He flies in the same direction when he's blocked by something invisible and starts falling..

Peter# re-appears and hits Peter with his fist.. Peter is thrown inside a building,breaking its window panes and is hurt badly, with glass blades all over his body.. Peter takes off these blades using telekinesis and regenerates. He flies outside but he cannot find Peter#. Suddenly the skies become turbulent and lightening strikes start aiming at Peter.

Peter tries to escape the strikes.. Even though some strikes touch him, he feels that he has become resistant to such strikes.

Peter begins to feel a new sensation. A sensation which tells him whether he's in danger or not.. And also tells him the location of the threat. Suddenly he feels that something is behind him.. He sees a car rolling in the air towards him from the streets.. Peter dodges the vehicle in slow motion. He notices Peter# on the street hurling vehicles at him, one by one. He dodges some vehicles when one vehicle hits him and he starts falling. He feels his vision going black. He wakes up on the street over a small crater. He tries to find Peter#, who is nowhere in sight. Suddenly, he sees a fire raving through the street towards him.

Peter... "Oh my god."

Peter freezes himself up, and resists the fire with ease. he sees Peter# walking towards him.. and feels his freezing power weakening.. Peter#'s power dominates. Peter teleports behind Peter# and hits him hard. Peter# falls to the ground. He rises, smiling at Peter.

Peter's hands start glowing..

Peter.. "Oh no..."

Peter# concentrates and blocks Peter from blowing up.

Peter#.. "Good enough. Now you have absorbed some new powers. You're ready to fight Michael. Just dont let him find you first. You'll need to sneak up on him. So its important that you dont try to locate him using your mind. Because if you do that, he will see you. I have to leave now. Good luck finding him."

Peter nods.
Peter# disappears, teleporting himself back to the future.


Sylar is sitting on the ground, with some Rubik's cubes on the floor...
Hiro's body still lies in the room.

Michael/Sylar picks up these cubes, solving them in seconds.

Michael/sylar... "Some talent, huh?"

Michelle.. "Yeah. His aptitude is certainly off the charts."

Michael/sylar.. "We have to find this Peter Petrelli. He can pose a threat. We have to kill him as soon as possible."

Michelle.. "Alright. That will be our top priority."

Michael/sylar.. "And Ive found a list in this mind of all special people Sylar was probing. Which he wanted to kill one after another. Lets finish his job too."

He walks through the lab, thinking..

Michelle.. "So who is Sylar's next victim... ?"

Michael/sylar.. "Someone who Sylar was unable to kill earlier.. due to Peter's interference.. The name is Claire Bennet. She has the power of regenerating herself. She's now in New york. And so if Peter. Sylar killed Peter earlier but Peter probably regenerated. So, to kill Peter, I must get Claire's power too."

Michelle checks Hiro..

Michelle... "I think he's dead."

Michael/sylar.. "Of course he's dead.. Nobody has made it alive..."

Michael/sylar and Michelle decide to leave for new york.


Hiro's father arrives at the hospital. He asks Mohinder.. "Where is Hiro... my son?"

Mohinder.. "The last time we saw him, he disappeared away with Sylar.."

Hiro's father [Kaito Nakamura]... ""

Mohinder.. "There is someone who can help you find him.."

Kaito.. "Who?"

Molly comes near Mohinder. Mohinder tells her to locate Hiro. Mohinder gives her a map of the United states. She points to Nevada desert.



Please post ur comments and views in the "comments" section of this page [just after the story ends].. Ur comments will certainly help me make it better, because this script is quite rough in nature and is waiting for ur 2nd opinions...

Get ready for the final chapter of Heroes:Armageddon.. where Peter has the opportunity to end it all.. To fight against an enemy even more powerful than Sylar. The end of this series will put up a final fight of good vs evil. Until next time!

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"Heroes – Armageddon" Part 4 : "A hidden parasite"


Hayden Panettiere ... Claire Bennet

Masi Oka ... Hiro Nakamura

Sendhil Ramamurthy... Mohinder Suresh

Jack Coleman ... Mr. Bennet ...

Adrian Pasdar ... Nathan Petrelli

Milo Ventimiglia... Peter Petrelli

Ali Larter ... Niki Sanders

Noah Gray-Cabey ... Micah Sanders

Greg Grunberg ... Matt Parkman

Zachary Quinto ... Sylar [Gabriel Gray]

Michael [special appearance]… Mark Wahlberg

Zachary Quinto James Gray




[black and white video]

CLAUDE IS WALKING ACROSS THE HALLS OF PRIMATECH PAPER COMPANY WITH A CHILD HOLDING HIS HAND.. Other people are walking past them, not noticing them at all.. Claude smiles at the child and the child smiles back….
Claude... "Shhhhh.. dont make a sound".


"A hidden parasite"


Claude is young. Claude opens up the door holding some eatables for young michael, who is playing chess. He asks the child some regular questions... "How was your school?"
"Did anything unusual happen with you at school?"

The child says no, but is tired of being asked the same question each day.

The child was called "Michael" by Claude.
Michael's eyes were different, with an enlarged deep brown pupil.
He was a strange child who was very silent in his school, had no friends and would often come home with a bruised eye. Claude was always worried about him.. and deep down he knew that Michael was very special and would soon exhibit a special ability. Claude had saved Michael from the company after he could not witness the things the company doctors were doing to him, keeping him locked in a cat-scan like machine in a chamber all the time and drugged. They said they were trying to bring out his special ability. Claude had developed a special bond to Michael.

And Claude was worried that being in this state in the company would have a bad effect on Michael. And it did have a bad effect...

Michael would have painful nightmares every night and would sometimes fall unconscious. He would never cry, didnt respond to any pain and loved staring at the tip of a lit candle in the dark. He had an unusually good concentration and memory, even as a child.


Claude would still go to the company regularly after he stole Michael. Thompson, who was the company chief at that time was trying to figure out who could've taken Michael away. He could think of no one other than Claude.. and decided to do away with him soon.


Claude is moving around in the company with Bennet, having a conversation about some new special person.

HRG.. "This new kid we have got is the first one to exhibit at such a small age. And it is an awesome ability".

Claude recalls Michael after hearing the words "awesome ability"..

Suddenly, Claude feels as if Michael is seeing him.. Michael even says.... "Claude?". Then Claude feels quite confused.

HRG.. "Are you ok?"

Claude feels that he had just witnessed Michael's ability. But he does not know that this was only one aspect to his ability.


Peter had just met HRG in his room. Peter is lost in thought and walks down to the reception where he meets Mohinder, Molly, Micah and Nikki.
All stare at him as he walks towards them.

Mohinder.. "Hello Peter"

Peter.. "Its been a while, Mohinder. Thanks for saving my life. My mother said you had brought my body."

Mohinder.. "Well i was supposed to bring a dead body to your house. But how on earth did you survive?"

Peter.. "Long story Mohinder. But Ill tell you one thing.. I have a very special gift. And I wasted it all these days. But now I've realised that I am really meant for something bigger in life... Like I told you when I had first met you, in the taxi.."

Mohinder.. "Yeah I remember.. But Peter, isnt flying your special ability?"

Peter.. "No. that's someone else's."

Mohinder.. "So you're ability must be to absorb other abilities.."

Mohinder looks at Micah, Molly and Nikki, thinking about Molly's ability.

Mohinder.. "But if thats you're ability, then it means...."

But when he turns around, he finds that Peter has disappeared and says "Thats right"...


Peter is walking down the street, thinking... He sees the city that was saved the night before.. He feels relieved..


Peter walks inside a restaurant where he orders a coffee. He sees a group of children watching a kid playing street fighter at an arcade machine.

Machine sound "Round TWO, fight!"

The children are cheering him up. Peter finishes his coffee and walks up to them.

Peter remembers walking up to this restaurant in his school days and playing street fighter against his friends.. He remembers that he never lost against any of his friends or the machine.

The kid is playing against a computer opponent. Peter watches him fight, closely.... Suddenly, the opponent on the screen freezes in place. Peter is confused.

The kid keeps hitting the frozen opponent. Suddenly, the opponent hits the kid's player as soon as Peter thinks about it.. Peter soon realizes that he can somehow control the opponent. He begins controlling its actions using just his mind... The computer opponent badly beats the kid's opponent..

Machine sound "YOU LOST"

Peter realizes that there were a lot of special people at the hospital, little did he knew that this was Micah's ability...
He decides to go meet Isaac..


Claude returns home. He sees little Michael waiting for him..

Michael.. "Claude...?? What happened..? I saw you a few hours ago, in my mind!"

Claude.. There is something I have to tell you.."

Claude goes invisible. Michael stands up, terrified..
Claude comes back into visibility.. He tells Michael about how special he is and also tells him about the company. He also tells Michael that he is special himself..

Claude gives Michael a watch as a gift. The watch is of the brand "Sylar"...

Another flashback... now many years have passed and Michael is young, still living with his guardian Claude.


Claude is now quite old with an unshaven beard and moustache. Michael has grown up, seems the same age as Peter, but has a strong built.

Claude had seen some tough times and had now become very aggressive and used to take out his anger on Michael. Michael would take the pain of his beatings without any reaction.
Michael was still always silent, had quit school and was now working as a mechanic in an auto body company.

One day, Claude came home drunk and got angry at Michael. He started beating Michael with a staff and Michael kept looking into his eyes with a very serious gaze.

Suddenly, Michael's body started feeling light.. There was an unbearable sound in his ears and even though he was still, he felt his vision moving towards Claude. Claude's expression changed.

Michael closed his eyes tight, unable to bear it. When he opened his eyes, he was inside Claude's body and he saw his own body collapse to the floor in front of him.
He checked his own hearbeat.. His heart was still beating very fast, as it would normally beat if he saw something scary. He had this experience many times in his life, but most of the time he fainted after getting into his body again and would dismiss the whole incident as a nightmare.

While in Claude's body, he starts feeling uneasy again.. Blood starts coming through his nose.. Everything Claude had been through starts flashing before Michael's eyes.. every flash of memory starts blazing across Michael's mind.. in a distorted way..

....................................PPPPPeter, Its time for me to tell you somethingggg...........................................SSSSSo, you can see the future?...............................IIII see the world without timeee....................................tttthe only way to save the world, is for that bomb to go off................ IIIII am committed to some cause that is going to save the worldddddd................................HHHe wont stoppp........................ eeeevery time somebody tries to make a change, which is done many times by a person named Hiro Nakamuraaaa.......................................BBBombbbb........................SSSave the cheerleader.. save the worlddd....................iiiii just wanted to feel alive againnn..........................................................I just have to remember how she made me feel...............................ttttthe cheerleader................................They've found me!!!.......................................

Michael's blood starts running wildly from his nose....

Michael... "Peter Petrelli........... Where are you?" and Michael goes invisible....


Peter sees fresh paint on Isaac's palette and suddenly feels like painting. He begins painting two men standing, facing each other..
After a while, he's finished and sees that he has painted himself standing against himself.. Peter is stunned and confused.. He says.. "This can't be..."

He hears a sound "I am afraid it is"..

Peter turns around.. He drops his palette.. Outside, dark clouds appear, there is a loud thunder and suddenly it starts raining...



Thanks for viewing.. And very special thanks for requesting this episode to Piyush and Arnaya..
After you guys specially scrapped me for writing it, I really felt happy and wrote it right away in 2.5hours.
Any comments appreciatated.. Hope you guys like where I am going with the Heroes ending.. Please comment on this blog about this episode.. I'd be honored...
Due to shortage of time, this episode is in a raw form.. although I dont think there should be major changes... So it will be more refined, especially on the grammatical front after this story ends...........
Also, there maybe errors since im typing using a tv screen.. so the scanlines wont let me scrutinize the document properly.. UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!



Peter meets himself....

Peter learns to use his powers.....

Michael possesses Sylar.....

Michael's powerful ally....

Kimiko and Kaito Nakamura's powers revealed....

The Haitian and James to meet James' dead mother....

Be ready for a more action filled episode....!! Also there might be a sneek peak in a few days on this one..... Later!