Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Heroes – Armageddon" Part 3 : “Something gone wrong” trailer

They saved the cheerleader.. But did they really save the world?

Some thought that when Sylar and peter came face to face,

Peter began to explode…

Hiro killed Sylar….

Nathan took Peter flying to the sky causing him to blow up into the sky…

And that the world was saved…

But this is not what actually happened….

There was an accident.. Which caused Peter to create a new timeline, which was prophesied by his mother as the most gruesome timeline.. Now,

Peter traveled into the past and the future, where…. Something changed…

Peter tried to defeat Sylar.. But when Hiro came to the scene.. he was possessed by someone who wanted Sylar to escape… made Hiro teleport Sylar somewhere else.. but why??

scene 1..

sound of heartbeats...

A dark room... Sylar sees his vision clearing from a blurred view.. Sylar is slowly revovering.. He sees Hiro.

Sylar.... "Where am I? who are you?"...

Hiro.... "Sylar...hmmm.. Iv learnt a lot about u.. What a special ability.... "

Sylar... "You're not Hiro.. Who are you? And what have you done to him?"

Hiro... "I am the most special person there is...."


The Haitian is shocked to see Peter.. He immediately closes his eyes in order to block Peter from absorbing his ability..

Scene 3…

Haitian.. “The bomb was supposed to go off…”

HRG.. “I don’t know who you’re working for… But what do you plan to do after blowing up the city? To me, you people are worse than Sylar..

Find out in tonight's episode…


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