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Information [Behind the scenes] - for Heroes-Armageddon - "BATTLE POTENTIAL"

Information [Behind the scenes] - for Heroes-Armageddon - "BATTLE POTENTIAL"

I've compiled a list of abilities and powers of the main characters of my story, Heroes:armageddon at the end of the episode "Resurrection". This will probably answer some of your questions or perhaps make future episodes more exciting. This document will be modified after the next chapter. Ive deliberately removed some factors from this one due to spoiler potential

1. Peter [+ future Peter]

Emphatic Mimicry [Basic]
Self propelled flight (NATHAN)
Precognition through pictorial representation, independent of timeline (ISAAC)
Precognition and Retrocognition : Cognition of events through visions, independent of timeline and space (ANGELA)
Dream manipulation-type2 (CHARLES)
Persuasion (EDEN)
Chronokinesis and teleportation (HIRO)
Spontaneous Regeneration (CLAIRE)
Telekinesis (SYLAR)
Intuitive Aptitude (SYLAR)
Cryokinesis (SYLAR)
Enhanced Memory (SYLAR)
Molecular manipulation (SYLAR)
Enhanced Hearing (SYLAR)
Telepathy (MATT)
Invisibility (CLAUDE)
Radiation (TED)
Enhanced Strength (NIKI)
Phasing (D.L.)
Technopathy (MICAH)
Tracking (MOLLY)
Pyrokinesis (FUTURE PETER)**
Enhanced Speed (FUTURE PETER)**
Atmokinesis- The mental manipulation of the atmosphere and weather including inexpert Thermokinesis, Electrokinesis and Aerokinesis(FUTURE PETER)**
Power attenuation (THE HAITIAN)
Memory erasure (THE HAITIAN)

In-battle Weaknesses:
1.Most new powers tend to exhibit themselves erratically in the form of uncontrolled attacks [present peter only]
2.Very low control over absorption of unstable [radiation] or "hard to use" [chronokinesis] abilities
3.Low power-absorption radius

2. Sylar [Gabriel gray]

1.Intuitive Aptitude : Cognition of operation mechanisms through intuition,also leading to better control of absorbed powers[Basic]
2 Power theft : by "implicit" and intuitive study of brain activities
5.Enhanced Memory
6.Molecular manipulation
7.Enhanced Hearing

Strengths :
1.Personality change : Unnatural and all natural weaknesses eclipsed by his power[s], displayed when he undergoes a personality change while using any of his powers. This personality change makes him more vicious and enables..
2.outstanding control over abilities and
3.using multiple abilities at once.

In-battle Weaknesses:
All eclipsed/attenuated except the fact that capture of other abilites takes much time.

3. Michael [with powers explained in a splitted manner]

1.Soul-reaving : Astral projection and Alien body projection : Includes body possessing, putting the host into a sort of coma or impending death in the most usual case[Basic]
2.Instant Brain-storage Capture : Including Capture of Memory, Language and experience [Basic/Developed over the years/during testing]
3.Instant DNA capture and alteration/emphatic mimicry : Capturing abilities temporarily from DNA of victim instantly after body capture.
4.Control over pain [Developed during testing conditions]
4.Fear induction (minor) [Source unrevealed]
4.Psychometry : Ability to relate details about the past and/or future condition of an object, person or location, usually by being in close contact with it [Developed during testing conditions]
5.Intuitive Aptitude
6.Enhanced memory [SYLAR]
7.Telekinesis [SYLAR]
8.Cryokinesis [SYLAR]
9.Molecular manipulation [SYLAR]
10.Enhanced Hearing [SYLAR]

Other strengths:
Domination of power magnitude over other characters
Instant host-killing potential
Other unexplained phenomena

In-battle Weaknesses:
Distance limitation of control : Controlling body should be in vicinity to the controlled body
...[MORE Unrevealed due to spoiler potential]

4.Michelle Brown
Amplification and Attenuation of focussed ability [Basic]

In-battle weaknesses:
Control over abilities of only one or at the most two persons[in special case]
...[MORE Unrevealed due to spoiler potential]

5. James Gray [powers shown splitted]
Manipulation of dark matter [basic] : Involves conversion into a dark-matter existence [body can transit between dark matter and normal matter], enabling some unexplained phenomena unknown to science today****, like:

1.Invisibility [derived]
2.Powerful Force-field : Invisible and very powerful, capable of Instant disintegration [derived]
3.Geokinesis [Attenuation and Amplification of gravity, also leading to Reversal of Gravitational pulls]
4.An ability to pull objects [telekinesis] into himself [absorption] and make them non-existent
5.Evasion of electromagnetic energy : Invulnerable to even nuclear blasts.

Other strengths :
6. Outstanding invulnerability : Once he lets go of controlling his powers, everything will be destroyed within an uncontrollable blast-radius, leaving him unscathed.

Weaknesses :
Anger stimulates power.
When the body transits from normal matter to dark matter, his life shortens,involving an increase in age of body parts, leading to lesser control over attenuating his powers.

Kaito Nakamura:
...[Unrevealed due to spoiler potential]

AGGREGATE POTENTIAL IN BATTLE : [considering magnitude of powers and control over them,considering their potential to destroy only]

Peter : 45points
Future Peter : 60 points
Sylar : 60 points
Michael : 65points
Michelle Brown : 14points
James Gray : 120+points
Kaito Nakamura : unrevealed

Plz give me your comments and questions in the comments section. I wont be able to display some of these powers in the continuing story due to some episode limitation.

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