Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Heroes - Armageddon : Part One : "How to really stop an exploding man"

Hi guys... I am a fan of the "Heroes" TV series.. After the season finale, I had decided to write my own finale of how it should've been done.. There are 2 parts that Iv written for the finale.. Now, Part one starts from a point in the show when at the end, both Peter and Sylar confront each other... I've tried to keep the no. of plotholes to a minimum.. In this version of the story, u'll have more action, more deadly heroes and villians.. Watch out as to how a new timeline takes birth when Peter makes a change obliviously... And how the world is in peril again when someone more powerful than Sylar takes over.. This series is named "Heroes - Armageddon"... Any comments appreciated.. Please report any plotholes that you think that this story may have and I'll clarify them for you.. If the script needs a change, please do tell me.. Enjoy!


Sylar and Peter confront each other..

Sylar : “Just like I saw it coming…..”

Sylar lifts peter up, making a scar on his face like that in the future episode.. just to stimulate him to blow up..

DL seems to be near to his death.. so Nikki and Micah cry and are supposedly saying their last lines to him..

Peter screams, his hands begin to glow.. he seems helpless... but Peter finds his strength and recalls Hiro’s power and reverses time to the point where he meets sylar, his scar slowly vanishing..

Now peter is enraged and pulls sylar towards him [telekinesis], holding his neck by his hand and uses his ice power to freeze sylar's throat.. sylar is now helpless for few seconds.

Peter reads sylar's mind... “This is not what I saw.. what is happening? How are you doing this?”

Peter reads molly’s mind… “What do u want? Please do not hurt me..”

Peter turns over to Molly to see that she’s concentrating very hard but there is no one beside her except Mohinder, dl, micah and nikki.. Molly is very afraid..
peter gets distracted.. now when peter recalls his power [mind read], he gets unstable as he begins to read a lot of minds out there.. of all the characters..[this scene is same as the scene after claude throws peter on a cab]. In a flash, peter reads some random thoughts..

Then, the world pauses...everyone is frozen in time but peter. His eyes go white, he begins to see some flashes.. He sees a view of kirby plaza, in the morning. Peter sees Claire sitting near the Kirby plaza place [where Peter ends up fighting Sylar… She seems like “remembering” Peter] .. Claire is shocked to see him.. She says.. “You’re alive? Its so good to see you again! But how did this happen?”

Peter is confused.. He says “I don’t know. Why are u saying this. Did I really blow up?”...

. Suddenly, there is a loud thud..

Peter and Claire see something gruesome on the streets. Something invisible which is absorbing everything in its path. Every thing is absorbed into thin air.

Claire : “What is that?”

Now they feel something like an earthquake aftershock and suddenly everything starts falling towards the sky.. cars, people, buses... as if the world had been made devoid of gravity.. Peter gets hold of a pole while Claire is holding his other hand. He cannot hold her and she falls up into the sky like everyone else. Peter screams … “Claire!”


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