Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Heroes - New Timeline : Preface

Im a heroes fan so I took some time to develop my own story for the finale.. I’ll start this short storyline with the peter-sylar fight... this fight goes on for much longer than u expect and my whole story will be about about 2hrs+ on video.. everyone is at the same place as shown in the finale.. bennet and matt r down.. nikki is with dl, micah, molly and mohinder. claire n nathan have not arrived. SYLAR HAS NOTHING TO LOSE NOW.. HE WANTS EVERYONE TO BE DEAD.. AND FOR PETER TO BLAST.. HE ASSUMES THAT THE RADIATION FROM PETER WONT AFFECT HIM AS HE'LL BE IMMUNE TO HIS OWN POWER..AND HE WONT DIE ANYWAY [AND HE TRIES TO AVOID GETING BLOWED UP HIMSELF]

This is my 2nd attempt at this.. So plz tell me what u think about it..

P.S. : Some story changed due to plotholes in my previous version of the story. And Ive added some revelations before ending this fight..

If you guys find any plotholes, plz tell me those! And if u want to post this somewhere, do credit me.

I’ll come straight to the action part…. Then some revelations and expositions.. I would've done the entire episode but i did this because I was completely disappointed by the finale...

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